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Talking about YouTube – ST-314 Stairway To Heaven (1/6) Guitar Lesson



YouTube – ST-314 Stairway To Heaven (1/6) Guitar Lesson

This into is so beautiful, I’ve always wanted to play it but found it very difficult!  Those youtube tutorials are brilliant:)

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Anne’s Dream

This morning when I was out and about, my friend Anne told me of her recent dream:
The allotments were by the sea, Anne looked out to sea and said " oh look, there’s June, she’s entertaining us"  apparently, there I was levitating over the water, doing rolls,  flips and all sorts of movements.   My friends stood on the shore and watched me.  That’s weird!   Great entertainment though:)
Doctor is approving of my plan to ride a pony to save my foot.
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 Thinking  about not taking any ant-malaria drug,  there can be unpleasant side effects.  The drug must be taken after returning to the UK so any side effects are going to be with you throughout your trip and until you stop.   People get malaria because they don’t take the drug when they get home while the bug is still in the bloodstream and liver.  Is a trip to the Terai worth all that?


This is some stuff I’ve got ready.

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